Creating quality content - best practices

Why should a search engine rank your site on a particular topic above others?

If you can't clearly and accurately answer this question, achieving profitable rankings will become much more difficult. Search engines try to rank the best sites with the most relevant content first in the search results. As long as your content is the best in its field, you will constantly be fighting search engines by keeping them out of the door.

The true potential of a site is in the content, and while search engines cannot determine the likelihood that users will enjoy a site, the link voting system works as a proxy to identify the best content in the market. Hence, with great content comes good links and finally high rankings.

Provide users with the content they need and search engines will properly rank your site. Competitiveness, your interests and the interests of competitors in a particular area often determine what content is needed to rank. However, despite this, there are a few general guidelines that can be applied when creating content, and these are worth paying attention to:

However, the quality of content, like professional design, is not always subject to strict rules and guidelines. What is top notch content in one market may be mediocre in another.

  • Explore your field Explore
    forums, blogs, and communities where members of your industry gather to discuss issues. Mark the most frequently asked questions, the most relevant topics, and the posts and headlines that are of most interest. Apply this knowledge while creating high-quality content and state your market needs directly. If 10,000 people in a field are looking for articles that contain more illustrated diagrams instead of photos, providing this content can improve your site's position relative to competitors' sites.
  • Consult and publish in partnership with industry experts
    In any industry, there are high-profile experts known to the community, as well as a second tier of well-known people in the web circles. Targeting one of these groups for collaborative action when publishing articles, reviewing your work, or otherwise assisting (even with a few small quotes) can be quite valuable. This way you can be sure that your content is worth linking to and visiting by visitors. Partnering with experts is a method that promotes your content naturally.
  • Create content that can serve as a source of complete information about your site
    If you can provide one article or resource that provides a potential visitor with all the necessary information, your chances of success in SEO will increase. In many cases, an all-in-one resource can provide more options than a less informative resource. But at the same time, know the measure - do not make the content too wide and therefore blurry. After all, it is also important to focus on a specific area. You will find the optimal ratio by putting yourself in the place of a potential user. If your information matches their request and covers various aspects of the issue of interest to them and at the same time corresponds to the positioning of your resource, then you have a good chance of succeeding.
  • Provide unique information
    Make sure that when you create content offline, you use data and information that cannot be found anywhere else. When information is collected and combined online, good content can be created. Such information is a unique element in your work, which will be noticed and recommended for review.
  • Save important content in a non-commercial format
    Creating a non-commercial document format is essential to attract links and attention. Online communities and content creators are partly involved in the commercialization of the web and will consciously and subconsciously link to and recommend resources that do not serve purely promotional purposes. If you need to place ads, do it as subtly and unobtrusively as possible.
  • One Great Page is Worth a Thousand Good Pages
    While the hundreds or thousands of subject pages that cover industry sections are valuable to the growth of a website, it's actually much better to invest significant amounts of time and energy into creating a few articles/resources that have real value. great quality. To create documents that would become the industry standard on the web, and have been cited from time to time as a source for further research, statements, documents, etc., which really excels in the fight for advantageous positions in SERPs. The value of having that traffic and link source far outweighs the myriad of articles that are rarely read or linked to.

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