30 Best SEO Tools

The most necessary SEO tools for website promotion. Study competitors. Find keywords. Create unique content. Analyze it for optimization and get recommendations for improvement. Take the lead places in search engines!

1. Keyword research

Check competitors' pages and get their search queries using these services.

Find out the search queries of competitors by using our "keyword research ".

Keyword suggestion tool - screenshot

You can find less competitive queries. And it allows you to reach the TOP and get the first free organic traffic to your website.

Check your pages for keywords. Using search queries chosen for promotion.

  1. © Keyword Research - Get a complete list of keywords that your page must have to get to the top.
  2. © Keyword Difficulty Checker - Get ranking difficulty for keyword. Keyword Difficulty Checker
  3. © Keywords Analyzer - Use this tool to check keywords on your page you get from the previous tool. To find missed words and include them on the page.
  4. © Website keyword analysis - Keyword suggestions for the web page.
  5. © Keyword density checker
  6. open_in_new Google keyword planner tool
  7. open_in_new Semrush keyword competition analysis
  8. open_in_new Ahrefs free keyword research

2. Backlink checkers

Every website needs backlinks. If there are no links to the site, the search engine will not include such pages in the index in 90% of cases. The leading backlink checking tool is Ahrefs. But there are other alternatives that may contain data on links that Ahrefs does not see.

  1. open_in_new Ahrefs backlink checker - The best for backlink monitoring.
  2. open_in_new MOZ backlink checker
  3. open_in_new Google backlink checker
  4. open_in_new Semrush backlink checker

3. Google webmasters tool and analytics

There is an easiest and free way to get data by keywords and positions in search results. And also allows you to find out what errors prevent indexing. We recommend using this data in combination with our site audit tool. That allows you to find and fix errors before submitting a sitemap to Google. And get quick indexing without errors. Instead of spending 3-6 months eliminating errors from your Search Console account.

Keywords position report - screenshot

Import data by positions into services with extra features. - for example, tracking what changes on the site affected positions and search traffic.

  1. open_in_new Search Console Google

4. SEO website analysis (on-page optimization)

Check the site for errors. You can use several tools as there is no one-size-fits-all tool that will find all errors.

Website SEO analysis tool - screenshot

What one SEO tool won't find, another will. And get what needs to fix on the site to outperform competitors by speed, security, and usability. And get more organic traffic due to better optimization of the site.

  1. © Full site audit - The best search engine optimization platform. It also generates an online report (for each page). Keywords position tracking and content optimization strategy.
  2. © On-page SEO audit - Complete instructions for page optimization.
  3. open_in_new Sitechecker audit
  4. open_in_new Semrush site audit
  5. open_in_new SE Ranking - site Audit
  6. open_in_new Ahrefs site audit - It also allows you to see your website’s organic keyword rankings as well as who’s linking to you.
  7. open_in_new Ubersuggest site audit
  8. open_in_new MOZ SEO audit

5. Competitor analysis

These are usually paid - but they are still essential for the pros. Find the keywords that drive more traffic to your competitors' pages. Find out what content brings the most traffic to your site. And find pages with a few inbound links in the top that are easiest to dislodge.

  1. open_in_new Semrush competitor analysis
  2. open_in_new Ahrefs competitor analysis

6. Website ranking checkers

These checkers will show the rating of the site, and its ability to compete with other sites. Take into account the rating of your site when planning promotion on demand. If the rating of your site is lower than that of the sites at the top. Try using less competitive search queries in your promotion.

  1. open_in_new Page Rank checker
  2. open_in_new MOZ rank
  3. open_in_new Ahrefs rank

7. Domain authority checkers

The most important links are from authoritative domains. Links from those domains, that have few outgoing links (with a large number of incoming ones) - transfer the greatest weight. But it is more difficult to get such a link. Find related or related sites, check domain authority, and find ways to get a link. These tools allow you to check the authority of a domain.

  1. open_in_new MOZ domain authority checker
  2. open_in_new Ahrefs domain authority

8. Speed checkers

Website loading time and performance is also important. If your site takes longer to load than competitors' sites, then it may get lowered in the search results. Also, the loading speed affects the user experience (taken into account when ranking). Because many can close the page before it opens (the most important are the FCP, LCP, and CLS parameters).

  1. open_in_new PageSpeed Insights
  2. open_in_new Pingdom website speed test

9. Content analysis

In order to make content read and seem better, use the Hemingway App is an editor that identifies and corrects syntax, sentence structure, and fluency.

  1. open_in_new Hemingway - makes your writing bold and clear. It's like a spellchecker, but for style. It makes sure that your reader will focus on your message, not your prose.
  2. open_in_new Grammarly

You can combine both. Install the Grammarly plugin and write content in the Hemingway app.

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