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How to use the SEO site analysis tool?

Add your website through a form in the site header (only desktop).

Wait until the site is completely crawled (crawl speed is 40 pages per minute, for a site with 400 pages you need to wait 10 minutes). At the end of the crawl, you will receive a final rating for the site (the average rating for all pages) and the number of opportunities for improvement for every page.

The lower the final rating, the higher the site's potential for optimization.

sitechecker free tool example

This is what the end result looks like.

Consider the possibilities and reports that you will receive as a result of website analysis.

First, you will quickly find optimized and non-optimized pages off your website. For this, there is a filter by the final page rating. You can also quickly find such pages on competitor sites!

You can compare the estimated rating of your pages and the pages of competitors' sites - whoever has a higher score is better in terms of internal optimization. But, do not forget about external factors - behavioral and links. Bypassing competitors by internal factors does not guarantee first positions, but is one of the key conditions.

Most of the main indicators for optimization are placed in the menu in order of priority of elimination.

The first 3 most important are:

  • All website pages must be HTTPS.
  • Work on the content - too little text is bad for rankings
  • Fix errors with canonical tag - page indexing fix

Equally important (but absolutely useless without the previous 3 points) are the titles and descriptions of the pages.

Why are they so important? Firstly, it's not just random text - the headings should match the user's requests. If the title does not match any real search query, the material will not receive traffic at all, even with perfectly written content.

In addition, their clickability will depend on the quality of headings, which will affect the position of the site.

To facilitate the optimization of page titles and descriptions, a title suggestion tool has been created based on real search queries ( read more about writing title and description in this article ).

Keyword Tool - screenshot

Further optimization is bringing the rating of the key pages of the site to 80-100%. To do this, find the page you are interested in and click on the number of errors - a full list of recommendations will open in a new tab, after which, the page will receive the maximum rating.

It is also desirable to eliminate all broken links on the site for this there is a menu section Links. By clicking on the number of links, you will see a list of all referring pages and you can easily replace a broken link on these pages with a working one.

Also, there is a report on pages that contain broken images. They do not affect the ranking, but they can affect the bounce rate, so it is desirable to eliminate this problem.

By regularly checking the report for the largest images and replacing and recompressing them, improve the page loading speed for the users of your site, which will positively affect the ranking of the site in terms of user friendliness.

Since, with very large images, combined with a slow Internet connection, many users can close the page without waiting for loading, which is a signal to the search engine to lower the site's position.

Also this tool check your sitemap and mark pages is in sitemap or not. So you can view reports by pages in sitemap and not in it.

You can write a review, order new functionality, or just chat and ask questions in the Telegram group, Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Also, if you want to track the position of pages by keywords in our system - write to me.

Positions by keywords - example report

Why did I create this audit tool?

The main reasons: not perfect algorithms for calculating SEO page rankings and generating tasks to improve the site that do not bring noticeable results.

There are many tools for checking sites for SEO errors, mostly good ones are paid ones.

Among the most interesting are SErunking and Sitechecker.

Sitechecker has one of the most impressive checklists - but almost half of the indicators checked do not affect the site ranking in any way, as a result, the rating that this tool calculates, like many other SEO audit tools, leaves much to be desired.

Therefore, the main idea in the development of this analysis tool was:

  • study the impact of each parameter on the indexing and ranking of pages in search
  • identify errors that really affect ranking and, as a result, reduce the time spent on optimization
  • create an algorithm for calculating the real SEO ranking of the page

As the result, calculated numbers accurately reflect the value of the page for the search engine.

So, for example, 100% rating - guarantees a 95% chance that the page will be indexed and start receiving impressions. And for pages with a rating below 10% - on average, no more than 5% of pages get into the index. In terms of the amount of search traffic received, pages with a score below 20% bring traffic to the site 15-30 times lower than pages with a score of 80+. This confirms the high accuracy of the algorithm calculated SEO rating.

On-page SEO checker

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