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This Keyword research tool allows you to find competitors' keywords for free. It shows all relevant keywords for your website by analyzing the top 5 results for your query. Paste in your link and the top 5 URLs from Google for your query and find the queries you need to cover on your page to get to the top.

One keyword analysis can take up to 5 seconds per URL (~15-30 sec).

As a result, you get all possible queries related to the main search query.

How to do keyword research? (example).

Make your keyword research easy and fast.

This keyword research tool can provide thousands of suggestions for your page through real user queries. It works like a Google Ads Keyword Planner and shows monthly search traffic volume for each keyword.

And it allows you to find related keywords for your main query by analyzing competitor pages. This is the best free online keyword research. Get keyword ideas now!

Keyword research - example

What is keyword research and why is it important?

Keyword research helps you to find the best keywords for your page to target and provides important insight into the queries that your audience is actually searching. This insight can help you to create a content strategy as well as your marketing strategy.

Through the keyword research process, you can better understand the intent of the search and discover what content your customers want.

This specific information (understanding the search intent) allows your websites to rank higher on search engines.

Get more organic traffic and grow your business and company sales.

To reach this, learn a guide on how to use keyword research data.

How to use the received data to beat the competing pages and take the first place?

You will get a list of popular search phrases associated with each of the top 5 websites according to Google.

Select all query intersections (phrases that apply to each of the 5 pages). If you create content covering the answers to all these queries, you can reach the top 10.

But in order to bypass competitors, you also need to cover other questions on the topic that are individual for each of the competing sites and do not overlap.

The more questions your content covers, the higher the chances are to bypass competitors' pages and take first place in the results.

But you must meet customers needs. That can be difficult to understand what type of searches - informational or commercial a short search query have.

Discover SERPs results or research long-tail keywords to get idea what people searching for.

Also you need to add something unique to compete and get to the first place.

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