High frequency keywords in website promotion. Is it worth promoting?

For some words and phrases, even the best websites need time and perseverance to get into the TOP 10 - 20. At these stages, it can be tempting to use ways that are not quite legal from the point of view of search engines. As tempting as this may seem, remember that search engines do not approve of spam or automated link manipulation, nor do they allow such results to be in the TOP for a long time. While these techniques, often referred to as SEO newbie techniques, can be effective in the short term, they stand little chance of long-term success in search engine rankings. The use of dubious practices may lead to the exclusion of the corresponding resource from the search engine index.

For highly competitive results (from “mortgage” to “car insurance” to “university diploma”), targeting the “long tail” described above (search terms more related to a specific niche, low-frequency queries) may be the best way to go. Search engines are also very careful about the age of a site and its links, and give preference to sites with long-standing links that can be trusted.

Thus, in the beginning, the site may be far behind its competitors in ranking, but over time, an enterprising site owner can achieve the necessary attention even for the most competitive queries.

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