How to reduce the bounce rate on a website?

To improve bounce rate (decrease it) - you need to follow this simple strategy:

  1. Make sure that pages load fast on the slow 3G mobile connection (reduce the size of HTML code, scripts, and images).
  2. Take a survey on how good your website design is (redesign if needed).
  3. Use an adaptive template (make your site mobile-friendly).
  4. Check if the text is readable on all devices.
  5. Check that the text is written for people and not for robots.
  6. Use facts supported by links to reliable sources.
  7. Link your page to related content on your website.
  8. "Sell" every link - make people want to click through and read more.

What causes a high bounce rate?

High bounce rate causes:

  • The user can't wait for the page to load.
  • Broken design (also old style design from 1990x).
  • Not adaptive (not mobile friendly).
  • Unreadable text (small font, solid text, toxic background).
  • Meaningless text.
  • False information (distortion of facts).
  • Lack of links to the page.

What is the bounce rate in SEO?

For SEO bounce rate - is one of the ranking factors. Nobody knows how strong is the impact of this factor on SEO. But usually, first places on Google pages have a low bounce rate.

What is a good bounce rate for your website or blog?

An ideal bounce rate for a web page is lower than 25%. If you have it in the range from 0 to 25% - it is good.

What is a good bounce rate for a landing page?

For one-page landings - the bounce rate will be 100% (because no other pages). But the key metric for the landing page is conversion rate (not bounce rate).

What is the bounce rate?

Bounce rate is a percentage of visitors who came to the page and close it without viewing other pages.

What is a high bounce rate?

80%+ - is really high bounce rate. But in some cases, it can be normal. For example (for query "weather today"): If you open the page and found what you need on the first screen - you just close the page.

What is the bounce rate in google analytics?

In google analytics bounce rate - is a metric that shows % of people who visit only one page (entry page). It is calculated for each page.

If your page has a 100% bounce rate for 1000 visitors and only one visitor came direct to this page - it means only this one visitor bounced.

For the other 999 visitors, you can check the exit rate - % of visitors who came to this page from other pages on your website and closed the tab.

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