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Today we will try to figure out whether it is difficult to promote your site from scratch without resorting to the dubious services of no less dubious offices.
Website promotion is a very complex matter and has many subtleties. And only considering all the subtleties can you achieve any results. Let's start building your site!

So, you have your own website dedicated to some topic (for example, cell phones). The site has a domain name (let's say The site has GOOD content, ie. at least a dozen GOOD articles or reviews, links to other related sites. The visiting visitor should find something interesting on the site and not remain a regular visitor. I would recommend splitting large articles into several parts, this, firstly, will delay the visitor on the site, and secondly, it will make the article load faster and not force the visitor to leave. However, we will talk about this later, but not in this article. So, there is a site with content, but no one knows about it. What to do to know about it? As you know, in Runet, 60% of new visitors come through search engines, 25% of traffic comes from directories, and the rest comes from banner networks, advertising in offline publications, etc. Therefore, the first step is to let directories and search engines know about your existence.

Registration in directories.
There are a great many directories, for starters, you can register at

What subtleties should be taken into account when registering in the catalog? The first and most important subtlety is the choice of a directory section. The section should correspond to the theme of the site as much as possible. The second subtlety is the description of the site. You should write the shortest possible and at the same time the most informative description. No need to write "mobile phones and cell phones - everything for them" - people looking for a site with such a description are 99% likely to stumble upon or, because they are much closer to the first place in the catalog than your site. It is worth writing a more specific description.

Registration in search engines.
Here the matter is more complicated than registration in directories. Maybe not more difficult, but more time-consuming. Search engines, in principle, index sites themselves, roaming the vast expanses of the network, however, when they index your site, one can only guess, although in 2 months all my sites were indexed in all systems known to me.

In order for your site to be indexed, each page of your site must contain META TAGS located in the pages:

You have to think carefully about keywords - most search engine visitors write in the search bar general phrases - "cell phones", "mobile phones" and similar, however, if you think that by writing in the keywords "mobile phones" and "cell phones "get any benefit - you're wrong. On the first page there will be such giants as and others like them, and you will get a place on NN, and even on the NNN page. It is better to write more specific keywords for EVERY article on the site, for example "Choice of company ***** for phone brand *** ***", then you are more likely to appear on the first or second page and get a visitor who in the search bar wrote a more specific phrase. By the way, most of the "professional" netizens who search for a specific phrase, because the chance to find the desired site with such a request is orders of magnitude higher.

And one more subtlety - in order not to wait until your site is indexed, you can register yourself in the main search engines (usually, the registration link is at the bottom of the main page of the search engine). Yandex, Rambler and Aport have a total share of more than 60% in the "market" of search engines.

When registrations are completed.
When the site is registered in directories and search engines, you need to start direct promotion. Firstly, you should show all your friends, acquaintances and strangers your site.

It is necessary to update the information on the site all the time, add articles and monitor the site, this will give you regular visitors (3-4 new visitors daily can be safely and immediately counted).

When the site is in perfect order and has at least some values on the counter (you didn’t forget to set the counter?, provide counters for free!), you should find similar web resources and contact with the webmasters of these resources. Invite them to exchange links, you can arrange with large portals to place their banner on the main page of your site, and they, in turn, will add your site to their list with links to friendly sites. For smaller web resources, create your own list of friendly resources, where you will enter the links of your "friends", in exchange for placing your link with them.

What is it for, because such directories will not be able to give real visitors! You are surprised, I understand. However, it is these sheets that are an indirect component of the formula for your success!

The fact is that modern search engines operate with such a concept as Rage Range, better known in Runet as the Citation Index (the concept was introduced by Yandex), we will call it further IC.

The essence of the IC is that when searching through a search engine, a lot of sites with a similar description can be displayed at the user's request. Sites will be sorted according to the description matching the user's request, and the description most often does not correspond to the actual content of the site. Therefore, in modern search engines, not the maximum match to the query is used, but the IC. The more IC a site has, the closer it is to the first lines¦

What makes up the IC? In fact, there is a tricky formula for calculating the IC, but I won’t give it here, whoever is interested can look at or, there are many articles about the IC and its increase.

In general terms, the formation of IC consists of the following parameters:

Increases CI (in descending order of importance):
B Number of links to your site from VIP sites
B Number of links to your site from sites with a second-level domain name ( [com, no, tv, etc.] )
B Number of other links

Decreases CI (in descending order of importance):
B Number of links on your site to sites linking to you
B Number of links to your site from sites that only link

It should be noted that there is no linear proportion in the criteria for increasing and decreasing CI. If you "exchange" links from sites of a similar class, this does not mean that the IC will not increase. However, if a link is put to you, but you are not, then the IC will increase more than in the above case.

That seems to be all for today. Dare!

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